Saturday, May 1, 2010

Then There Were These Three

egy Don't ever play the "He Said, She Said" game. Nobody can win at that one and it makes you look bad. There are now, and have always been, exactly three sides to every single story: Yours, Theirs and The Truth. The earlier in your life that you learn this, the easier it will be. Just choose to not engage, it's disarming and I promise you'll know if you need to pick a different path. It will all work out fine.
két Learn how to always keep a good collection of "tools" in your arsenal. I have almost always had a good pocket knife, a band-aid and some duct tape within arm's reach. The longer you go about having a big life, the more you'll be able to refine your tools, so pay attention to what you always seem to need. I knew a guy who always had bread ties, and that came in handy.

három Speak slowly. I can only tell you this from a lifetime of being mostly unable to. I talk fast and it drives people crazy. Old people with sketchy ears - they just quit listening because it's too frustrating. Learn how to articulate and pronounce your words and then enunciate and don't go too fast. Do your part to stamp out muttering and say it like you mean it.

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