Wednesday, May 5, 2010

penmanship, wealth, good shoes

1 Write. Write with a pen on paper. If you don't have a pen, find a pencil or something. If you don't have paper - do NOT write on your shoes or jeans, find a napkin. But, engage in the act of writing, not typing. Learn how to write things legibly on paper. Practice your penmanship, even if you're a boy. It's important. Have a decent signature and write Thank You notes by hand every single time you think you ought to. If you even think you ought to - you ought to. Always send your grandmother notes in the mail. You don't even have to have a reason. She will write you back and it always rocks out LOUD to get stuff from the mailbox.
2 Don't get all twisted about your fiscal health. You have to have money to survive, but wealth is something you build in your heart.  Make a living because you have to and know that the real value is in how you spend your moments - what you do and say and think... Who you choose to hang with. Don't be getting all cocky because you have a whole lot of money - it could mean nothing in an instant. Choose to sleep well, in the last slow hours of morning, instead. Money really can't buy you love.
3 Don't wear your good shoes in the garden. Seriously. Not even accidentally. Not even if you're just going to grab that one weed. We call them "Your Good Shoes" for a reason.
Sometimes I still do this and it makes me frown. If you are wearing your good shoes, don't even look at the garden.

copyright thesethreethings 2010

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