Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cheap shoes, true love and pets

első Do not wear cheap (and/or ridiculously uncomfortable) shoes. Those feet you're walking on are the only ones you're going to get. Bad shoes can jack up your back, knees and hips (not to mention your good humor.) Good shoes may cost too much, but I promise you'll be glad you have them. Go Barefoot when possible.

második If you love someone (really love someone) make sure they know it. Hearing "I love you" is a pretty cool thing, but you'd best be prepared to prove it. Be clever and thoughtful - learn to know the people you love well enough to make their time here more rich. Don't ever say "I love you" unless you really mean it and don't say it because you feel like you should. If you've chosen to say it, be sure and show it.

harmadik If you think you must have an animal: Take care of it - for real. I had the recent misfortune of knowing a woman who complained endlessly about the 2 small dogs caged behind her house (through wicked hot Kansas summers AND sub-freezing winters.) They hadn't even been out on a walk (mush less, petted) for close to three years. Her kids promised that they would take care of them - therefore, she will not. 
She is why we have the ASPCA. Taking care of a pet requires thinking outside yourself. 
I know you didn't ask, but I have to tell you: I don't think I'd hang with people who are capable of hurting animals. 
That is totally uncool on about every level.
Think about it.

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