Monday, May 17, 2010


dès que  Please don't pound around the house. Do not stomp like nobody can hear you. Papa Z (whom I have only not mentioned till now because I didn't want to point fingers. He is your great grandfather) would come all the way unhinged if he could hear someone walk across a room. Learn to walk like a Native American Indian. Move slowly (unless there's a fire) and softly. Think about the impact your body has upon the world beneath your feet.

deux fois  Since Papa Z is already part of the equation today, I will share his "Four Square" rule. 
Papa Z contended that NO ONE (Ever. In the history of time) needed more than 4 squares of toilet paper to get the job done.
And, honestly, having been to places (Mexico) where they don't even have toilet paper everywhere, and when they do - the used paper goes in a trash can instead of getting flushed.
Yep. Used. In a trash can. Right by the toilet. It's some nasty stuff.
I can only tell you: Not everybody in the world can afford toilet paper OR has the plumbing systems in place to handle it. So - I have to support the Papa Z Four Square Rule.
Please don't slam your door. 
In fact, IF you slam that door, ONE more time, I'm going to take it off it's hinges. 
Don't doubt me, because I will do it
My uncle Larry took a door off it's hinges because my cousin Debi had the audacity to doubt him. He didn't say a word through the whole disassembly. She didn't have a door for months. 
There is a time and a place for door slamming, but save it for after you are married. Some things are worth waiting for.

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