Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Play an instrument, type a letter and snuggle up

pierwszy Learn how to play an instrument if you have any chance to do so. (Because I'm optimistic that your parents will come here first, I'm thinking they will sign you up before you are too big to wrestle.)
I know I always say this, but trust me: Do your lessons - sing your scales. Pay attention to your posture and put your hands where they are supposed to be. Practice for at least half an hour every day.

drugi Learn how to type. Fast. Learn it fast, and then type fast. I doubt you kids will still call it "typing" by the time you're old enough to read. Whatever. You can pound out some serious text on this machine, really turbo-fast - if you just apply yourself. This may be a moot point by the time you are old enough to read, but if not: Wood Shed on this one. Get good.
trzeci Snuggle up with someone, anytime you have the chance. Snuggling makes you feel better. Nuzzle and snuggle whenever possible.

copyright 2010 thesethreethings

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  1. My mother insisted her boys learn to type in case we ever got drafted. In those days, boys didn't type. Larry Sledge, our mandolin player in high school, heard these discussions and learned to type. When he got drafted (my # was 365) he told everyone he could type. He spent his years typing at Ft. Campbell, KY instead of getting killed in Vietnam. Thanks to Ma Greer, Larry is still playing mandolin with the Horse Creek Band at Silver Dollar City.



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