Monday, January 26, 2015

Three in a Nick of Time

hey! I know it's been a minute, and boy is that true. I got busy, I made some people some money and stuff got large. But, now I'm back and getting ready to take you with me on an expedition. That's a long story for another blog, so today you get these three. I know you're pressed for time, I'll be brief.

one You don't have to say every single thing that pops into your beautiful little head. Just because you thought it, doesn't necessarily mean that you need to say it out loud (or type it for keeping forever online somewhere.) And, sometimes it's even best if you don't say it. The fine line that separates what you should say from what you should not say is slippery and requires pretty much your full attention, so don't drink too much. Like, ever. Ever if you're going to be speaking and possibly held accountable for what you say.

two It's okay to not like some people's company very much but you always have to be pleasant until you can make a sweet little diplomatic break from orbit. The Smile And Nod technique is employed here to great success. Be sure your eyebrows are raised (not too much) and you have the pleasant smile of a person who just thought about a white sandy beach while you gracefully excuse yourself. It's that easy. Then don't think about it anymore and repeat if necessary.

three If you shop at Walmart - don't tell me about it. I'm not asking you to lie, I just think you shouldn't tell me if you value the independent spirit of the mom and pop merchants who are the backbone of this country so little that you'd do that. I dunno. It's your life and all, but oh baby ninja - every thing you do matters. And, yea - I know these three things aren't always totally cool, but be glad you're not a grown up yet. 

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BONUS THING: Learn to ask for help. I'm sure I"ll have more to say about this soon, but know that you have to learn this sooner than I did. Till then: CLICK HERE. Scary stuff.


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