Friday, November 11, 2016

These Three Fo.Sho

one You will experience bone-crushing disappointment and I'm sorry. There apparently always have to be losers so there can be winners. I didn't invent this model and I don't love it all the way out loud, but I fully expect for you to take your losses as gracefully as you claim your wins. Don't be a crybaby or a bully and do the best you can at all times. If winning is important to you, take the measures to make sure you can manage your expectations. And, as always - remember how good humility looks on you. Nobody loves a braggart (not even their grandmas.)

two To sit idly by and watch bad things happen is as criminal as making the bad things happen. If you see something that upsets your delicate balance and you know it's wrong, do what you can to change it or make it better (based on all the information you can gather and resolve you can muster.) You can always do something to help people who are being hurt and I count on you to be smart enough to figure out what that is.

three It is still not okay to say mean things. Period. Just do not say mean things. When you say mean things out loud your mouth will get stuck that way and then, one day, you'll wake to find that you've just been saying mean things to and about everything, for a very, very sad long time. So, speak kindly please. Always. And, no more yelling. There is just about never a need to raise your voice (or type in all caps, but we'll save that for another day.)

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