Sunday, May 30, 2010

Think about it - No mind readers

pertama Learn how to ask for help. Do not expect anybody to read your mind. Everybody else in the world has a big ol life going on and you are not the center of all of it. There will come a time when you need help: Do not be too proud (or stupid) to ask for it. Conversely: If you ask for too much help too often you become a leech and an emotional soul-sucker. Walk this line thoughtfully.

kedua Mind your mouth. Just because you are capable of thinking it doesn't mean that you ought to say it out loud. Seriously. Humor me here. I've heard some really smart people say some really stupid things. Just practice using your speaking governor. Think things through for just a minute before you speak.

ketiga Some things require an actual whole night's sleep to process and figure out. These are typically the bigger (bordering on life-changing serious freaking stuff) ~ things that make people say, "hhhmmmm.... let me sleep on that and I'll get back to you." Not enough can be said about a good solid slumber to help you see things more clearly... in a different light. Don't EVER let someone (salesmen, mates, children) talk you into anything if you have even a smidge of doubt. 
On this one, you don't have to trust me, you have to trust your instincts.

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