Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sleeping on the Porch

first Sleep outside on the porch if it's ever a safe option. We had a great porch once on Oakland - we practically lived out there. In fact, most of the block lived there. Porches are incredible places to hang. If you can stay up too late there and fall asleep, I would.
second Cry if it will make you feel better. Cry if you feel like crying. Do both of these things within reason and don't ever take smack from anyone who screams "I NEVER cry!" The fact that they never cry is a much greater reflection of them, not you. Don't be a cry-baby about it, but don't think people don't cry either, because they do.
They also fart.
third You don't need a cell phone until you're old enough to call in to work. You have parents and they should know where you are and what you're doing - that's their job. I don't care if all your friends have one. You don't need it. When you get a job and can pay for it yourself: Dive in. Until then, try telepathy or use your friend's phone.

copyright 2010 thesethreethings

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