Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dirt, High Roads and Bitten Nails

├╝ks Don't bite your nails. It's ugly and a sure fire sign of some kind-of Pandora's box weakness. People see your hands as much as they see your smile. Tend to that. Never forget that you are brave and funny and smart and strong. If I saw your hands, I would think that.

kaks Play fair and stay on the High Road. Even if it would be way more satisfying to play on that low road and throw bodies under the  bus, don't do it. You can talk about doing it to whomever you feel close enough to, but don't do it. Nobody likes a tattle-tale. For real. No. Body.

kolm Plant stuff in the dirt whenever you can. Be on grass and sand and rocks and in forests and caves ... Get out in it. You need to get outside and play. Go. Play.

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