Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Learn how to give a good massage and learn how to receive one. Don't make me get all detailed on you. Hands and feet and heads can be amazingly fine places to find stress relief. Don't be scairt.
Just trust me.
Research it first, learn about anatomy and physiology and Chinese medicine. Know your body - that vehicle really should be well taken care of, it's going to take you so many places for such a long time.
Go a whole day, every so often, using no electronics (TVs, phones, computers, game things, iPods.) Instead, try going on an adventure somewhere and getting lost. Try just sitting by the river for a couple hours. Just try different things until you find one that makes you feel all quiet inside. Get all peaceful with it.
Don't salt your food before you taste it because it is impolite. You weren't raised by a pack of wolves. The cook worked long and hard to bring you that meal, and it's a sure sign of disrespect to season the food without tasting it first. It's fine to salt it after you try it, but at least take a bite first.
Now go. Play.
You should be outside.

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