Friday, April 9, 2010

The Same in Any language

It is not only entirely possible, but probable that you will deal with a broken heart. Your heart will be broke and you will break somebody else's heart. It's inevitable and very few things in life suck so much.
It's not like it happens every day, or anything. But, know that and play nicely.
Be really really freakin careful when it comes to hearts. Keep yours safe and use it well. It's all a high-wire act.
Balance and moderation. Just don't be afraid to test the limits. 
Be in it all the way or don't be in it at all.
Expect to get the wind knocked out of you from time to time and know it's way so very much worth the ride.
ALWAYS over-tip your servers. The hardest part of the work-force gets paid very little hourly to serve you well. You're job is to tip well in return. Be nice to them and get all engaged with it. Leave some bank behind. Tip your trash men at Christmas, tip the guy behind the counter who gave you bites of that Lebanese food and wouldn't charge you. Tip. Tip well, don't embarrass anybody that way.
Expect the unexpected. By this I mean, who would have known that every single cliché and colloquialism you have ever heard is completely rooted in truth? Who saw that coming?
It's probably got a name like Common Sense or something. But, just don't get all locked into thinking you know everything until you've heard every single one of these known to civilized man. They are for real.
(Somehow I slept through this class in school and have been Cliche Challenged since youth. It hasn't worked out that well for me.)
But, you will never guess how your story ends up. Seriously. Maximize your hope and minimize your expectations.
And never waiver on the important stuff.
copyright 2010 thesethreethings

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