Thursday, April 15, 2010

words and images

EINS. Go to The Library. Learn how to use it and where to find things. Not enough good can be said about the power of a collection of great words and music and art. Libraries are awesome and they smell like no other place on earth - they all smell the same. Give yourself plenty of time to kill. I'm serious here. You need this.

ZWEI. Blow up your TV. Okay, well you don't have to blow it all the way up, just hold it in the same esteem you would rat poison or maybe a loaded gun in the house. Be careful with it. Watch what you let yourself see. Some images and ideas can never be scrubbed off your brain.
My most recent round of TV research has proven that it's just getting worse. Be very careful about how you use this medium. If you ever have babies, don't let them watch commercials. They're better off playing outside anyway.
This is not to say that there aren't some stellar productions out there, just be careful with your brain.
DREI.  Learn to write in your own voice and still respect the rules. There are lots and lots of rules, some of them are steadfast and should never be broken, others are more fluid. But, at least give yourself the benefit of knowing these rules.
It's impossible to break a rule that you don't know exists.
Then, make yourself write well.
Write often.
Write on receipts and at restaurants.
Keep a journal and learn how to hold a pen.

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  1. I love this! I have just been through every single one of your posts. You are one smart woman. These are all that I want my son to know and all that I need to be reminded of for myself. Thank you.

    (Chelsea's SIL)



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