Monday, April 12, 2010


If you can NOT worry, I think I would do that. It has come highly recommended to me for many years, this whole “Don’t Worry” thing. Do not worry about it. Don't worry about anything. Nothing good will come of it and it will age you well beyond your years. Some well-placed worry is inevitable, but for the most part: Wasted calories. Don't do it.
If it feels like you’re doing all the giving and none of the receiving – you probably are. You need to talk about it fast and work it out or stop it.
Don’t be a Zealot. Be open to the possibility of other truths. I can’t think of anything shy of defending your offspring that would call for the extreme stands I see humans taking these days. 
Every single person has an opinion and it’s your job to process those. Some of them will be integrated into who you are and others will not. But, by being exposed to them, you get to find out what you don't like.  It’s not your job to share your beliefs with anybody, all you have to do is live. 
It can be really cool to start finding out that you don’t agree with everything and everyone.
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