Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cast Iron, Milk and Bad Ideas

├╝ks If you find yourself in a position to need to clean up after a meal cooked in cast iron cook ware: Do NOT wash it. I think you can use water, but for sure you can't use soap. I've just found it best to not mess with other people's cast iron. I did some research on this, and I'd be more than happy to tell you everything I learned, but for sure: Do not mess with cast iron pans that are not yours. And, for sure - if you never remember one other thing, remember this: Don't put them in the dishwasher. Ever.
kaks Please don't put the milk jug back in the fridge with just one swig of milk. That could be about 10 times more uncool than just drinking the last of the milk. Thank you.
kolm If you've got something bothering you, like deep deep down inside, and you think that you can quiet it with drugs or booze or shopping or running - you can't. I can only tell you for sure from what I've seen - they all only make things much worse. 
I sure wished you could know how much I mean this. These comforts are slippery and insidious and they only serve to prolong and compound the pain. So, just don't do this.
This one is important enough to make it onto a short Top Ten list.

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