Thursday, June 17, 2010

You and your nutty opportunities....

primer Some things don't work out like they should. Sometimes it is nobody's fault and there is nothing that could have been done to change that. It is important to learn how to get back up and dust yourself off. Place no blame, that's not your job. Carry on and be calm. Let the past stay in the past and let the beauty of the lessons it taught you never be wasted.
This, my love, is just life.

segon Worrying about the future is not going to change it. The future will be what the future will be and you worrying about it isn't going to change it one iota. Stay as firmly planted in the "Present" as you can. Always make provisions and do no harm, and I would about guarantee that your future will be so bright, you'll have to wear sunglasses.

tercera You have more opportunities than anyone who has ever come before you. Do not look this gift horse in the mouth. Never forget the battles that were won prior to your arrival. They are the stones that have built the path you get to walk upon. Keep them in good order and build on to them for those who will follow. 

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