Friday, June 11, 2010

The Weight of Scars

kwanza Anybody worth their salt has got some great scars. Not bruises. Not welts. Not black eyes and broken noses. Great scars.

pili Nobody's scars weigh more than anybody else's scars. The pain that we have all gone through - the pain that has shaped the directions we have taken and things we have survived  - be it rapes, deceased children or murdered kittens - all weigh exactly the same in the end. This is subjective and not up for debate.

tatu The commonalities that make us family don't define us. We get to have huge disagreements on very fundamental things with people who we love and need. The people who are the most important to us, and will REMAIN the most important to us, are the ones who we CAN disagree with, find forgiveness in and love unconditionally.

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