Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Fine June Morning for 3 More

esimene Listen to Public Radio and watch Public Television (if you’re going to watch any TV at all, which I’m still not completely sold on.) When you enjoy the wide array of goodness these two public media services give you and they are having a pledge drive: Give them money! Seriously. Don’t make me tell you twice. They depend on your generosity to keep them going.

teine Avoid shopping at “Big Box” stores like Wal-mart and Best Buy if you can. There is a greater chance than not that they will be still selling junk produced by underpaid slaves in third world countries when you are an adult, and you should try not to support that economy. Be a smart consumer and do your research, plan ahead, do whatever it takes to avoid becoming one of the masses that only shops these places. I don’t care if their prices ARE better - it is better for you and the universe at large to not save those few pennies and go elsewhere.

kolmas Stay young for as long as you can. Maintain relationships with people who are younger than you. And, not just a couple years younger than you, but 10 years, 20 years, 40 years younger than you. Nurture these relationships and spend time sharing words and meals with these young whippersnappers. The perspective they provide and the sparks they ignite are specific to their youth. By getting to share time with them, you will get to stay closer to your youthfulness. They serve as constant reminders that we are only as old as we allow ourselves to be. As soon as you stop allowing yourself to be old, you get to stop being old. It rocks that way.

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