Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthdays, Self-Esteem and Sweat Busting

uno When you care enough about someone to know when their birthday is: Drop into their world somehow and let them know that you are glad they were born. If you don't know their birthday, and would like to - just ask or do a little research, everything is right here on this screen, some place. 

dos It is not enough to understand and appreciate the differences between arrogance and confidence without having a solid rooting in your own self-esteem. This could be one of the most difficult high-wire acts to walk successfully and may take a minute or two to master. I have not been blowing smoke up your skirt when I tell you: You are brave and funny and smart and strong (not to mention, a total eye treat.) Do NOT devalue yourself and sell yourself short. You have skills and fingerprints and joy that nobody else on this earth has - don't be just giving it all away willy nilly. Expect just compensation for jobs you do well and then do your job well. No jacking around on this one.

tres Burn some calories every day. Bust a sweat, for real. I mean it. You'll sleep better if you do, it releases some crazy great chemicals in your brain and it makes you remember that you can do it. Whatever "it" is - you can do it and are lucky to be able to do so. I would like it best if you helped make the world a better place through your sweat-busting, but I would also really like you to get your heart rate up and make your body a better place. Basically, this will involve getting up off your bum and hoping you have some sore muscles tomorrow.

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