Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seriously swearing bananas

isa In spite of the fact that I have personally taken home the Gold in the last 4 Winter Olympic Swearing Like a Sailor floor routines, I would ask that you find better ways to express yourself. To that end I would like to humbly submit some of my favorites: Holy Cannoli! Shazam! (NEVER: Oh, SNAP! That is soo SOOO last year.) Son of a biscuit! ... I've heard that used to good effect. There really is a time and place for everything, but don't swear if you can avoid it.

dalawa Don't take yourself so seriously. We are all just humans with about the same basic limitations. A life lived without a LOT of humor really just isn't worth living. Cultivate the ability to laugh at yourself and some of the really silly things you do. We all do silly things and too much seriousness will age you way too quickly (and kinda make you look like a turd.)

tatlo Eat bananas. They are good for you and they are some of the tastiest of the fruits. They travel almost as well as apples and oranges too, so they got that going for 'em. It's never a bad idea to have a banana on-hand. You never know when you are going to get hungry.

Addendum: Do NOT ever try to cross borders of different counties with fruit in your knapsack. I'll tell you a story about it sometime, but for reasons that I don't fully understand, countries frown upon you taking their fruit to other countries.

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