Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old drivers speaking Latin and going to church

primoris Try to avoid taking attitude with older and less-attentive drivers. They are going exist, they may make you late to something that probably doesn't matter all that much anyway, but they've paid their dues. Just breathe through it. Don't be going all road-rage-y on them.
Addendum: Feel free to flip off and honk at any younger, totally inattentive and dangerous drivers. But, be careful - some of these morons pack heat.

duo Learn enough Latin to help you understand the origins of the words we use here in English speaking countries. This ability will also help greatly where they speak French, German or Spanish. I'm not asking you to find a prehistoric relic to grill you on subjective forms and passive tenses, I'm just asking that you take a minute and learn a little Latin.

obduro Don't think that just because some people attend churches or synagogues or temples they have any kind of stronger moral integrity than you or anybody else. Attending church doesn't make you a good person any more than parking in a garage makes you a car.  

(And, yes - I borrowed this idea from some silly facebook thing.)

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