Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Eyed Monsters who talk too long and The IRS

one You should never ever ever, under any circumstance, expose yourself to a friend or lover who demonstrates jealous tendencies. Ever. Not ever, not for one minute and not for any reason. There is not now, and there never will be any good reason to try and maintain a relationship with someone who snoops through your cell phone and questions your loyalty. You should never have to listen to endless hours of unreasonable accusations founded on absolutely no truth. There is no room for jealousy in a healthy life and/or relationship. Should you accidentally find yourself in this position - run as far away and as fast as you possibly can. Don't even take the time to collect your things and do not ever look back. Really good humans don't torture other good humans this way and it is a sign of sickness that you should never have to help someone work through.

two Do not use 100 words when 10 will do. I still do this entirely too much (see the above paragraph, for instance.) I'm not suggesting a form of self-censorship that prevents you from being real or expressing yourself well - just don't be that person who could have stopped talking (or writing) much sooner. 

three Remember this: Do NOT jack with the IRS. While I've never had to learn this one first hand - I've heard some seriously whack stories and I had a lifetime of watching a man think he could out-smart the IRS. It's never going to happen. The IRS is perhaps one of the most serious entities here in America and they have an uncanny ability to make your world a pretty unpleasant place to be if you try to deny them their slice of your pie.
(And, yes - I know you are just a baby. But this one seems to matter so I'm telling you now.)

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