Monday, June 14, 2010

Old friend, role models and allowance

начало Cultivate friendships with people older than you. You don't really need to jump right on this one as a child, but as soon as you're able to actually understand a lot of the things you see and hear - it's a great idea to get someone in your corner who understands it better than you. This is not a Universal Truth, I've met way too many extremely limited older folks, but in general, if you get to build a friendship with someone 20 years older than you, do it.

секунда Be cautious about who you choose to look at as a role model. Some people are capable of doing some pretty horrendous things to other people in the name of "love" or "friendship." And, it's not always going to be easy to spot them, but pay attention to the humans you think you want to grow up and be. 

терция There is a cliche or a colloquialism or something that says, "What you allow, you teach." This one is important: IF you allow people to treat you like a lesser human, they will learn that the only way to treat you is like a lesser human. I have given you a solid foundation here, built on things that I have mostly screwed up - THIS is my biggest one. I have allowed some heinous stuff. I would really hope that you won't. Never forget your back-bone and your seriously sharp and real "Spidey Senses." Pay attention to your intuition and instinct.

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