Thursday, July 15, 2010

Secrets, habits & stuff

uno Try to not have secrets. If anybody says, "Don't tell anybody this..." then that probably means it's not cool. Unless it's a surprise party, or PostSecret (or maybe if you're punking someone in a good way) - then ... well, that's totally cool. But, in general, if someone tells you not to tell anybody this - it is not a good thing. It is triple turbo-uncool if a grown-up tells you this and it makes you feel creepy. You'll know the creepy feeling when it hits, if you ever have to. It's there, you'll just feel it. If it gives you the eeby-jeebies, then tell another grown-up, don't hold it in.

dos Make your bed and put your stuff away where it belongs. Don't even ask me for all the reasons this is a good thing, just trust me. Doing these two things, and making them part of your every single day, will make you happier and less harried. Just make your bed every morning before you leave for the day and put your stuff away. It's not like I'm asking you to dig trenches. It would be nice if you could learn to do those "hospital corners" though....  
I'm just sayin' ...
tres Know that buying stuff and owning more and more stuff is never going to make you happier. You are sufficiently happy as you are, and buying and owning all that stuff is not going to fill whatever holes you may have in your soul. Get what you need, get some of what you like and then stop. Buy meals with your family or buy an adventure to the country, but stop buying stuff already. This is crazy.
Remember to buy American made when and where ever possible. Trust me ~ This matters.

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