Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Going, hearing and getting small

one Never miss the opportunity to pee. You may not think you have to go, and you may really not have to go, but if you missed, like, the last opportunity and your day is scheduled up tight with stomping out fires or road-trips - you will be one sorry child if you know that you could have gone but didn't. Just try.
(Props to my friend Jody for reminding me of this)

two Pay attention to what you hear. Listen to people speak and get to know the sounds that surround you and their effect on your well-being. To that end: Get out of the city as often as you can. Parks can tide you over, but get all the way out of the city to a place where you don't even feel the city vibe. Then, listen to what you hear there.

three If you ever want to feel really small: Put on some gigantic clothes and shoes. Try and find something absurdly huge and wear it as an accessory. How ever it works out best for you, but it's a nice quick fix to the "Do these jeans make my butt look big" blues ... just find a pair of gigantic shoes or a nicely-pressed button-down-the-front crisp cotton shirt that is about 2 sizes too big. It never fails to make me feel small.

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