Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lights, nails and smackers

egy Please turn off the lights behind you.
For real.
If you are leaving the room, the lights do not need to be on. And, why (on earth) would you even turn on lights when you've got a good south window? Pay attention to the tax you place on The Grid. Our grid, here in America in 2010, is seiously in need of repair and/or replacement.

Were it only that we weren't distracted by the bright and shiny things (like making enough money to feed our families and keep them under a roof) - we would be able to stare at this for what it is. We would then be able to build the resolve that will be necessary for us to get current and re-think the way we all find our power. Mind your consumption, baby.

Turn off the lights, for Pete's sake.

két  Boys: Learn to keep your hands well manicured. Seriously. There are few things as creepy as a guy with long fingernails. Ick. Uber-ick. Nail biters: STOP it! That is so unbecoming and you are MUCH bigger than whatever it is that is making you bite your nails. Pay attention to your hands - people see 'em.

három No body should ever hit you. IF somebody somehow slips by your extremely well-honed and smart spidey-sense instinct, and makes their way close enough to hit you: Call the police. For real. NO hitting. (Shaking, smacking, kicking, biting, scratching or shoving.)
Ever. No matter what.
Zero tolerance on this one, baby.

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