Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stuck faces, handshakes and kindness

innanzi tutto 
Your face, really, could get stuck like that. When you make an especially disagreeable face - it sticks with you. Seriously, just go somewhere that is thick with people and watch them. Look at the older ones - you can tell who is a malcontent and who is generally happy. My grandmother always told me this when I made my unhappy face, and she wasn't lying. It's not like I'm asking you to always keep a smile on your face, but watch the squenching up of your eyebrows and the depth of your frown. That stuff sticks after a while and you can never get rid of it.

in seguito
Hug people when you feel like it, but always shake a hand that is extended to you. There is no more sure-fire way to show your disdain for a person than to decline a handshake. Learn how to shake hands, make eye-contact and take the minute or two necessary to demonstrate your ability to be here now AND be here now nicely.

piĆ¹ recente
When someone says "Good Morning" to you (or good afternoon, or whatever) your job is to respond in kind. When you don't answer them or just stare at them and walk by ~ it makes them feel bad and probably, over time, will make them dislike you. (Okay, truth is: FOR sure they will not be one of your fans after about two of these.) It's rude. Don't pretend like you didn't hear it (when it's common knowledge that you can hear a whispered conversation from two rooms away, you've already blown your cover) and don't try to escape quickly and avoid eye-contact. If you're having a bad day, get over it or don't leave your home. There is no excuse for rudeness.

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