Monday, July 12, 2010

Laptops, pajamas and moments

pierwszy If you have a laptop that is being more than just a little warm to the touch, on the bottom - it's time to invest in some good Blue Ice packs. I would love to imagine a world where laptops don't overheat, but I don't see it on the immediate horizon. So, learn how to cool it down and not jack-up your laptop. Wrap some blue ice in a bandana or something, and place it under the machine where it feels the hottest. Those little fans, so far - for me, have been over-priced junk. But, again, maybe there in the future you guys have worked out the kinks. If not: Cool it down and keep it dry. Move it often and work by a good window fan.

drugi People don't really wear their pajamas out in public. I know you may have seen some people do it, but for real, baby. If you've got the energy to leave the house, you've got the energy to put on some clothes. I'd rather not see you in your PJs, out of your house, unless you are fleeing some kind of life-threatening disaster. When you are still a kid it's okay to wear them to the drive-in with your parents, but that's about it.

trzeci Squeeze the life out of every single moment. We are all only given so many of them and they are crazy-fragile. Seriously. Some are gonna rock, some are gonna rock less - but, be all up in it as much as you can. You never know when one of those magic moments is going to happen - it'd sure be a shame to miss it. We only get so many, y'know?
Engage. Be engaged. Be engaging. Ask questions.

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