Wednesday, October 27, 2010

super-heros, sparkle & science

Guest Blogger, Eric Klein likes to tell people that the photo he provided demonstrates his lifelong philosophy of embracing the opportunities that life has to offer and his commitment to finding the positives in every situation. But, if you ask his mama, she will insist that it illustrates his powerful hankerin' for birthday cake.

one No matter how spiffy you look with that bath towel (or bed sheet) tied around your neck super-hero style, it won't keep you from hitting the ground pretty hard when you jump off the roof of the tool shed. Trust me on this one. Someday, if you catch me on a good day, I'll show you the scar on my knee that proves it.

two I could tell by the sparkle in your eye that you weren't going to take my advice above. (Adults can always spot the troublemakers. I'd tell you the secret,but they would revoke my lucrative club benefits.) Now that I have your attention.. Boo-boos,owies,cuts,scrapes,bumps and bruises are an unpleasant fact of life. Nearly every one can be taken care of with a damp warm washcloth, a bandaid and in extreme cases, a Popsicle. 

three There is undeniable healing power in the hugs and kisses of your family. Science has not completely unraveled the mystery yet, but current research suggests that the hugs and kisses of your family release a microscopic amount of a previously unknown element (unofficially known as snugglebugium). Hard data is scarce, but a wealth of anecdotal evidence suggests that exposure to snugglebugium leads to spontaneous happiness, increased feelings of safety and security, and may reduce the chance of contracting cooties. For best results, apply liberally. 

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