Wednesday, October 20, 2010

making things and oatmeal

one Make someone you love some thing. Make a blanket or a hat or some pickles or a Mixtape. Back in The Olden Days, when I was a kid, if somebody really liked you they made you a Mixtape full of their favorite songs or the songs that reminded them of you. Now people build Mix CDs (or play lists, maybe?) - but I think they come from that same place in the heart. When you really love someone (and sometimes if you just like them,) it's pretty easy to make them something that they may treasure to the end. You can do this. I know you. Just make stuff, and keep making stuff.

two Eat oatmeal. It's good for you and it's tasty and it's easy to deal with. You don't have to do it, like, every single day, but you ought to eat it a few times every week. Oh yea! And those envelopes of instant oatmeal, know that they are turbo-sweet. Use half an envelope of the flavored and half an envelope of the plain. You're just cutting the sweetness in half, you'll love it. Nobody needs that much sugar.

three Don't whine. Okay? Just don't do it. Nobody likes a whiner, really - nobody does. If you've got a big ol' bone about something, find that person who knows and loves you the best and get it out of your system. Then, LET.IT.GO. I'm serious here, baby: Whining can seriously jack up your place in the universe. It's larger than just the irritation it causes to those around you ~ It releases whiny energy that gets on others and in the air. I know it's sickeningly cliché, but: Be part of the solution NOT the problem. Anybody worth their salt has suffered and carries the scars to prove it. Now, get over it and move on, little doggie.

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