Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i believe in you & laugh a lot.

Spot Peavey has been entertaining the digital masses for a while now. She has a sharp wit, some sharp claws and she's a screamer. She only dates dogs and brings an unusual but vital perspective to the business of being a good and happy human.

one After having watched you and your people for a while now, I gotta tell you that the most important thing I can tell you is this: Freakin' believe in yourself. For real. You are a Rock Star, my friend. You guys all seem to spend so much time thinking that you don't rock nearly enough, when you do. 

two You have to lighten up. You guys are all so serious all the time. I get that you have concerns, births, illnesses, break-ups and hook-ups, deaths, taxes, wicked bad snarky people at work and school, but c'mon.... It's time to climb a tree or play an elaborate and well-crafted prank. I don't see you laughing enough. And, I know - I watch. It's what I do.
three When you remind people how smart or talented you are (or were) all the time, you come off as just being sad. Clearly, you are smart and talented. And, brave and funny and strong. So, stop reminding every person you come in contact with. It comes off as pathetic and tends to make the people who know you best, just feel a little sorry for you. Mind your arrogance because it makes you seem like you have no real sense of esteem. People who are really good don't need to tell anyone how good they are.

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  1. Spot is very astute. I hope he never loses his voice!



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