Saturday, August 20, 2016

Three Things I Did Not Know Yesterday

Hey Babies. 

I know it's been a hot-minute since I dropped by. I was working some stuff out and logistics got in the way and I broke another bone while saving some unicorns from a Rice Crispy factory guarded by Jesuit Priests..... I know you know what I'm talkin'bout.

As luck would have it, tonight I am all spooned into a backyard full of birds and bunnies and Smoking Hot connectivity, so I get to be all wise again. 

Lucky you.

Imma gonna try to break these three things down as softly as I can, and not be that pasty old white ganstah lady in a tattered plaid flannel robe, standing at the edge of a perfectly coiffed lawn, with a rolled up newspaper in my hands, screaming "YOU kids get OFFA my LAWN!!!" And, I still gotta tell you these three things.

It'll only take a sec.

one Anybody who needs to tell you how many degrees they have or what religion they drink  ... Anybody who points out the ethnicity or origins of their tribe or spends time telling you that they are in any way better than and different from you is only broken and insecure. Look up the meaning of insecure in your book... we don't have time to discuss it. It's not their fault but you mustn't stare into it or ever forget how similar we all are. We all just need water and air and love. 

two IF you love somebody, love them quietly and with out all the fanfare. They will know it by your actions and not your words. Speak less - Listen more. Nobody really loves an overachiever. Live your life large and speak about it to nobody.

three Burn bright and lay low. Find your balance and take care of yourself. Only give away as much as you know you can afford to keep. Rest up.

moemasters 2016

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