Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Three Thinks

one dream.sofa.king.big. I try to never say this out loud in a bar where everybody can hear it, but IF you can dream it - you can do it. I know it's totally cliche and tired to the point of exhaustion, but I've had recent reason to believe this is WAY more true than not - I know you know this. Dream big. I count on you for this.

 two LEAN IN Once you've dreamed of something strong enough to see it - the horse is outta the barn and you have an obligation to push that little dream forward. Once you've asked for it: You have to follow through. It's one thing to take a cookie every time the plate is passed AND an entirely different thing to imagine eating another cookie so strongly that you ask for another. please.sir. Be careful what you ask for and follow that all the way through to rolling credits.

three Suffer no fools and take no shit, little babies. I know I'm not supposed to talk like this with you and I'm hopeful we'll just agree to not tell your parents. My most important tip for tonight would be this: IF you meet somebody and within the first 30 second exchange, all your standy-up hair vibes tweak out: Walk away. ALWAYS trust your Spidey-Senses. Life is way too short. Trust your short hairs. It's science. Smile, nod and back away...

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