Friday, March 25, 2016

Three Things Even You Can't Deny

one If a person who never admits to weakness says they are in blinding pain,
be it physical or emotional, you don't get to say, "Oh no you're not." Even worse than that is launching the Scar Wars Game and wasting valuable time to outline how your pain is greater than anybody else's in the whole world because nobody has ever been wronged as deeply as you. Both these things are wrong in every way. Do not ever do this to somebody, unless you are playing the Scar Wars Game, and then: Roll up your pant legs and let the stories outta the barn, Baby!

two Should science and math indicate that you occupy a space on the globe that is, essentially, sunless and wet, it just makes
you look desperate and kinda thick to argue that "HUH.uh! It is TOO sunny and dry here all the time!" If it's hot and sunny or gray and hopeless: Own that truth and wrap it up around you like a blankie. Not everybody is going to love the same stuff and that's what makes it more fun. And, please - never argue with a scientist.

three If you get to live long enough, there will be times where you are just straight-up wrong. It's okay, I promise you're going to be okay. Your occasional wrongness does not define you as a human being. Sometimes we just get flawed data, or we hear and maybe repeat an untrue story... sometimes we just want to feel taller than the arrogant turd sitting across from us. Regardless: Forgive yourself and practice humility. ALWAYS remember and NEVER forget that you could be wrong. When in doubt: Say nothing. 
PS: Even IF you know you are right - if you find yourself in this position: Best to walk away and breathe through it. Do.NOT.feed.the.trolls.

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