Thursday, March 17, 2016

one I would hope that I've mentioned some version of this already, but on the off-hand chance I have not - here's a little lifehack about the care and management of your Creatives, that could make your world way better. If you're lucky enough to be surrounded by artists and writers and musicians and whatnot, the MOST wrong thing you can do is say to them, "Y'know what you oughta do" while they are in the middle of a creative session. Sometimes it takes no more than those few words to blow up the mojo surrounding that piece and cause a Creative's brain to bluescreen from overload. If you have such great ideas about creating similar things, you should just create them and be very very quiet. 

(Personal bonus tip: Don't be the person who just "likes to watch" the creative create. I can think of few things in the world that make me more sick. Get a job. I like to watch you bring home a paycheck. I'm a Creative.)

two People always joke about "using their power wisely" but what they maybe don't know is that this is no joke. We have all power. We are power sources, like batteries but different and more fun. Every moment of every day we get to choose to EITHER be positive OR negative. There is no in-between. The moment you find yourself in another human's
company, you gotta know that there is an energy exchange and you get to choose how that works out for them. You're going to be whatever you're going to be, but the instant you share company - you get whatever you are all over the person in your wake. When I was a kid, like - itsy freakin'bitsy, my dad would bark "FLY RIGHT!" What he meant was get your shit together and act like a human being, for God's sake. When I was a kid, "Acting Like" things was a valued skill set. Somewhere between then and now, we stopped paying extra for that, but I still fully expect you to put on your best game face if you've chosen to occupy a world where other humans live with expectations.

three Choose your mountains carefully. Don't get all strung-out on every single fresh & minty cause that rolls your way. It's cool to care and care all the way to your bones, but you only get so many battles in the course of a lifetime, so choose yours like a grown-up. I'm sorry/not sorry to have to tell you this while you're
so young and tender, but it's probably best you hear it from me first... here, than from a stranger in an alley: The younger you are when you choose your mountains, the stronger your footing will be. I don't envy you the options you probably have, but I know you'll choose wisely, Shortysan. 

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