Sunday, August 28, 2016

Three Things About Me

one Learn to be quiet as much as you speak and find the balance between the two. Write and think and literally bite the very end of your perfect little baby tongue before you say something. You don't need to speak every single time. Nobody wants to hear your stories or see your scars, they mostly only wanna share theirs. Either buy into this or suffer a lifetime of unmet expectations and all kinds of disappointment. Learn to write well; Nobody stops you when you're writing. (Unless you're a caretaker, then you'll just have to work this out.)

two Know, just know that there are a whole bunch of people who will mistake your kindness for flirting - IF you're a girl. IF you're a boy: Just please know, for the love of all things holy, that some girls were just raised to be polite and when they laugh at your lame stories or like the things that you post, they don't necessarily want to sleep with you. We live in an American world where a whole bunch of tolerance and compassion is mistaken for Lust. It's a cool thing when we can just love each other and not feel threatened or vulnerable.

three Keep your important stuff (ie; Shit) together and in an easily-found place. There is a reasonable chance you won't make it to your end as planned and somebody else is going to have to come in with a Clean-Up and Remembery crew. Make sure they don't find anything you don't want found and that they're able to make well-informed decisions about your legacy. When you are finally more than 40 years old, you will need a POA, a DNR, a Playlist, a Legacy contact and Best Photos with an accurate Obit outline. I also recommend donating your body to the nearest college with a medical school so they can get smarter and do a little science. 

moemasters (C) 2016

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