Sunday, March 1, 2015

Three Fueled by Cabin Fever

one Learn how to give and receive a compliment. When somebody says something like, "You look nice" or "You did a great job!" or "I love your shoes" or whatever, look them in the eyes and say, "Thank you." You can ad lib here and say "Thank you so much" or "Thanks, man" or something as formal or as casual as the circumstance dictates, but for sure acknowledge the compliment, receive it kindly and if you want, you can add something like "I worked so hard on that project, I'm glad it showed" or "these are my most fave shoes!" or whatever applies, but make it clear that you heard a nice thing said and you're grateful. In turn, get outside yourself enough to find something about the person you're with, to say something meaningful and nice. If history serves as any kind of indicator, you may find yourself with completely outside your comfort zone people who tell you stories that make your flesh crawl and a compliment can be the perfect good bye. Just say something like "Wow. That is a spectacularly scary story! Well done!" Compliments are sweet in their flexibility.

two If being happy is a thing that appeals to you - do that. Be happy. You're going to burn about the same amount of calories getting happy as you would getting sad or mad. So, it's all on you, little cowpoke. I love your guts so much, I would always wish happiness for you, but I know the release in throwing down with a good conniption fit or sobbing till you breathe funny. Don't whine about your lack of happiness, and keep the unhappiness contained because it can get on other people. You can get glad in the same pants you got mad in, and don't let anybody tell you that you have to be happy, ever. You be happy when you want, and be sure to keep the ickiness in your own space. 

*Unless you're with your best friend, then you should get all the unhappiness out of you because they will always love you forever and ever anyways and it's therapeutic.

three About visiting: Always make sure it's cool to drop by and don't show up empty handed. This is pretty much a very for real thing. I used to think there were exemptions like best friends or moms or aunts or something, but I was wrong. Without exception, when you visit somebody, take a little something something to say Hey, I love you enough to have thought about how lucky I am to visit you in your crib, so I brought you this little thing like a bottle of wine or some flowers or a hermit crab. It all depends on the audience, but be thoughtful and always make sure it's cool to drop by. You weren't raised by monkeys.

moemasters (C) thesethreethings 2015

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