Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Root of Three Things

one Moderation might just be the key to living a meaningful life. I am all-in for testing limits and almost getting arrested or nearly getting married, but I would hope that this fundamental piece of advice is way more meaningful than a key to The Estate where you can always seek refuge and store your boxes of high school art. For sure do the things that keep you contemporary. Occupy and consume and own and storm and drop and puff.puff.pass while you do ping-pong shots across from people who make your blood run hot. Do all of that just enough to know all the rules you are choosing to break.

two Tell The Truth and surround yourself with truth-tellers or be willing to age extra-super-duper turbo-fast and probably get cancer, often. This has not been scientifically proven to be The Specific cause of cancer, but I have my suspicions. It's an insidious slippery slope that starts with things like "I din't fart/burp or Everything is fine" and digresses with age and loss of bliss to things like "No.really You look great in those jeans and I understand why you hit me and... "  I know you and your delicate Spidey Senses and I know that you know when it feels wrong. Do not ever yield to the will of nefarious six-fingered bastards. Always ask yourself: "Would my Momo treat me this way?" 

three Be Patient with yourself and your expectations and expeditions. You are not really the boss of you in every single instance. There is a way to stay true to your wants and tend to your needs. Nobody but you knows, really, what you need and I know you are smart and clever and brave enough to make everything that matters happen. All of it. You got this if you just stay true and move slowly with patience, like a ninja. I love you and the way you get what you need.

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