Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Liars and Thieves and Boars.

one No lies. Don't lie about anything. I know that you know I know when you lie, but what you need to know is that you might or might not come from a very long long line of genetically altered DNA that will make lies seem like a reasonable choice, sometimes. Lies are never reasonable. Really. Even the ones asked by loved ones that will make your heart ache to answer truthfully. Do not lie. Use your vocabulary and find the right words to be honest and kind. It's not that hard and becomes habitual after you do it often enough. And, I will always know when you are lying. Know that.

two No stealing. Don't take anything that isn't yours. If you want to borrow something, you have to ask first. And, IF you're asking for something that belongs to somebody else, make sure you have enough bank right now in your pocket to cover the cost of replacing it, (in the highly unlikely but probable chance you will have to replace it.) Yea. I know. Not fun. But, seriously baby. Papa Z wouldn't even let us LOOK at his stuff. The CIA clandestine lengths he went to, just to make sure nobody touched HIS stuff, were way way unreasonable. But, always a good reminder: IF it's not yours - DON'T touch it.

three Learn the fine art of conversation so you can engage in the moments that only spark once in a lifetime and only for those who participate. The process of doing this is much bigger than you have the attention span for, right now. But know this: If you stay informed and tuned-in to the life around you and you listen more than speak - you'll be golden. Pay attention to the stories that are breaking free and you'll never bore somebody into the next room at a party. 

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