Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Three Absolutes

one I do not know everything. I know that I act like I do, and I have written like I might, but I do not.know.everything. What I have left you here ... these are just the things that mattered to me and may matter to you. These are the manners and social mores that guided me and a bunch of other humans who (or whom. Look it up) I have loved. I know that you know how to behave. Genetically, you are predisposed to know these things. Represent, Baby. I know you got this and will do the world a solid by remembering it.
two You will love and be loved back. You will be heartbroken and the world will keep spinning on it's wobbly old axis. You will live to love again. You were born with more glitter coursing through your veins and more wisdom in your soul, than most of the people you will eat lunches with. Don't sweat the small stuff and try not to use cliches as much as me. Nobody loves a cliche or a platitude. Yea - Nobody loves them.
three Never stop doing backflips off the dock or cartwheels on the putting greens. Life is way too short to get all wrapped up in suits and ties and briefcases and conference calls. Take adventures wherever you can find them and love the magic in spontaneity. Don't lie, cheat or steal. Do use your Nice Words and speak in whole sentences. Expect nothing, under-promise and over-deliver. 
Now. Go. Get. It's beautiful outside. Whatchoo doing sitting here staring at a screen?
I love you.
thesethreethings © moemasters


  1. Nice job! Now i would like this in printed form please. I need s book!

  2. love this! a book will rock. one of these days, right??



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