Tuesday, October 15, 2013

True Stories

one In the old days, you could get really angry about something and say that you were going to burn the place down, or kill somebody. You really can't do that anymore. It's an unfortunate component to the permanency of the digital webs and a pretty well-warranted response to terrorism and bullies, but saying/writing inflammatory things like that can get you on a list of possible terrorists and/or reported to an agency tasked with keeping track of potential threats.
two It does not take a Rocket Surgeon to build a profile of your digital self based on the aggregate weight of your vibe, of your status updates, comments and photographs. When most all of the stories and experiences you share are those of profound personal victimization, you will be perceived as a person who is always profoundly unhappy. You are the cultivator of a poisonous garden. It's really just simple math. If most of what you say is a rant or you sharing how poorly you feel, you will likely be profiled as a complainer by potential employers, lovers or associates. And, ain't nobody got time for that shiznit.
three Physical violence has never solved anything and only demonstrates your lack of creativity and critical thinking skills. If you are prone to using threats and violence to get what you want and need, you are a bully. Stop it and no more screaming, it just makes you look funny and it's hard not to laugh.

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