Monday, June 4, 2012

These Three.

one. Never forget how much I love you. Know that there is somebody on this planet who gives an incredibly big hoot about what you choose to do. Do the right things and think happy thoughts. Finish what you start. Life is just too short to do otherwise.
two. When things seem to be too good to be true, they probably are. There really are no free lunches. If you are blissin'all the way out about your amazingly phenomenal stroke of luck at the end of the day - you may wanna just Google "karma."
Know this: everything worth having is worth working for. The Toll lurks and stalks. The Toll keeps track. You will bleed and sweat; I do so wished that that weren't the case. You may swear like a sailor. You probably will. The Toll may wake you up every single morning.  Things are probably going to get messy - don't drag your heels and do wear your good gloves. Keep up.

three. When the people on your island want to talk about God or The President: Just turn your head to the left and look up. Do not go there. Chuckle. Life is too short. Cough. Snore. Trust me on this one. We will talk about this business when you can button your own jeans and drive a car. For real. Smile and nod, Baby. If I din't love you I would not mention this.

@copyright moemasters thesethreethings 2012    BOOya.

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