Monday, February 20, 2012

Tres Importants

one Forgive and forget is more than just a tired old cliche. Bad shit happens, people make unbelievably regrettable mistakes and screw up in ways that they weren't even capable of dreaming up. Get.Over.It. By virtue of the fact that we get to keep on growing older, we get to get smarter and more understanding as well. Yea, some of the big stuff takes a minute or two get over, but it is way WAY not worth throwing in the gloves. All the bad energy you burn up thinking unhappy or vengeful things will come back to you ten-fold. Trust me on this one. If,by some unfortunate series of star alignments, you are unable to forgive and carry on, then cut ties and burn that bridge all the way down, baby. Never fail to smile and nod, politely, in public. But let it go and move forward. No smack-talk and no public throw-downs. Don't look back and always be grateful for the lessons that little bit of bloodshed gave you.(If you almost bled to death you don't have to be nearly so grateful, ever... just smarter.)

two You can actually go back. Y'know, like: Home. It's a way over-used little sentence that's got something about how you can never go back. Well, you can too. Obviously you can't go back to, like, specific points in time (Like that one autumn when we were shooting the Howdy video and the leaves were falling like snow and the house was full of teenagers drinking all our milk and I had on my favorite skirt.) But, you can go back home, if you really want to. I don't have any quantifiable evidence to support this statement, but going back home could feel as awesome as leaving felt. And, I don't mind telling you: Leaving felt fan-freakin-tastic. A couple times. (The vortex known as Wichita has a powerfully strong pull and leaving often takes several attempts.) But, don't be putting all your eggs in that basket called "You can never go back." And, furthermore: Git! Get out of your town for the love of God. You'll get stale if you stay too long.... you'll grow things like potatoes....

three A good guest learns to recognize the cues that suggest he/she is about to get punched in the throat if silence doesn't happen soon. What this means to you is this: Sometimes you have to stop talking. That's it. Less is more, for real - more often than not.

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