Monday, March 7, 2011

three more things

one If you think you've got it bad (bad day, bad hair, no friends, bad back or no money) - Do something for somebody else. Get outside yourself and go get reminded that no matter how bad you've got it, there are always going to be people who have it much worse. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of that, and sometimes the only way to do that is to take an adventure to Worse-Off-Than-Me-ville.

two Some people are energy grabbers (life-stealers, moment-robbers, fun-killers ... whatev ...) and you have been given the gift of knowing this. Don't spend your time there with them because it's a catchy disease and can taint your well-being. When you find yourself keeping company with someone who is clearly incapable of saying anything good about anything or anyone: Run away. You'll know them when you meet them, just don't humor yourself into believing that you can help them embrace their inner positive side; they may not have one and it will wear you down to nothing.

three Don't use your laptop on an upholstered surface (like a couch or a bed) because it won't get good air circulation and could easily over-heat and live a short life. If you have some Blue Ice or a bag of frozen vegetables (corn and peas work great) - wrap them in a bandanna or something and put them under your processor. Remember to flip them over from time to time so you don't smell them cooking.

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  1. For #2, must be Enodora's daughter Samantha, you speak of

  2. These three thingies are so often pointed her way.... It takes a village. : )



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