Sunday, December 12, 2010

last words screaming please.

one There is no real need to scream and/or raise your voice. When you scream and yell it just makes you look like a spoiled child or a very primal grown-up. Learn to make your point without raising your voice. Walk softly and carry a big stick and, please don't be a screamer.

two Embrace and learn to love The Magic Words. Civilized American people say "Please" and "Thank you" often. When you fail to do this, it makes people wonder if you were raised by monkeys. Just remember: Please and Thank you. No need to be obsequious and add a "very much" to that, just meet some basic expectations and be polite.

three Sometimes you may just have to retreat. Walk away. Sleep on it. Make a point by not making a point at all. People who know and love you the most, have an uncanny ability to push your buttons to try and get a response out of you. It's your job to minimize that damage where you can. You don't always have to have the last word and you can just walk away.

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